Additional exterior images

Select images, larger scenes and detailing to add to your existing project


Once you have selected the amount of buildings in your development, you select how many images you want of it. We always recommend a minimum of 4 images, to be able to capture different angles of your development, and present it to the potential buyers.

If what you are looking for is larger scenery images with an abundance of people, outside spaces, playgrounds, higher focus on surroundings or skylines f.ex that require additional post-production, please add "Larger Scenery Images" to your package.


We always strive to deliver you the best possible product, at the listed price. As you know, 3D visualization is a labor intensive task, and every development is unique. In some more unique cases, a project manager might need to do cost adjustments depending on f.ex complexity. In any such case you will always be informed before hand, and any price changes are always clearly communitcated and must be accepted before actuated.

Additional itterations, changes or request past the included [3] iterations, will cary a cost equal to the amount of hours needed to perform the request. All additional requst that cary any cost are always clearly communitcated and must be accepted before actuated.

No images included in modeling cost.
Changes in architectural or base drawings requiere a complete remodeling.

Sun study:
Accuracy may vary depending on surroundings and other potential factors. We do not carry responsibility for any possible accuracies.

Additional detailing:
2h extra detailing per image. Grants [1] extra iteration.
This website is under development, and other terms and conditions may apply
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