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EVE is an international creative studio driven by aesthetic perfection and by the exploration of engaging visual solutions since 2008.
With a Scandinavian clarity and Berlin creativity at our core, we strive to improve our own ideas, support our client's needs, and push the technological limits of our industry. The key to our success is our commitment to creating indistinguishable images from reality.

Whether it's high-end imagery, virtual visits or interactive products, our multidisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, photographers, digital experts and project managers aim to give a voice to unbuilt projects with the most creative and technologically advanced results.
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  • Michele Puliga
    As CEO, my main mandate is to guide EVE´s overall operations; define company goals and targets, overview our production quality, drive decisions and profitability, recognize and empower internal talents with fitting tasks, communicate with stakeholders and translate their needs into operational strategies, to mention a few. In my spare time, I still enjoy get back on 3d environment and keep a connection with my production roots.
  • Johannes Rohde
    As the CFO of EVE, I am responsible for all finance related topics as well as legal and insurance issues. In addition to that I take part in strategic decisions. In my free time I like to play pool, explore the world or just be out with friends. 
  • Christina Berlin
    Head of People and Organization
    In my role I deal with everything people related: From Strategy to labour law, recruiting and administration. I have a background in international management and got specialised in Human Resource Management. In my spare time I love singing in a choir and running, even though right now it’s more about running after my kid 
  • Alberto Puggina
    3D Artist
    As a 3D Artist I dedicate myself to always be creative and to develop my skills for always better images. In my free time, I take my camera with me and go in search of new places to visit and new culinary experiences to do.
  • Alexander Menke
    3D Artist
    I have worked at Eve since 2013, and as a 3D artist specializing in interiors, I oversee the creation of indoor views from start to finish. Over the years, I have developed visual techniques to help clients imagine the spaces that they want to inhabit, to be a part of. My background is architectural design, having previously worked at OMA and Herzog & de Meuron, and for the past ten years I have been involved in a self-developed residential building in Berlin, where I will live with a group of like-minded friends.
  • Anke Kettlitz
    2D Artist
    As a Photoshop Artist, I am responsible for the final touch of magic in our images. Taking care of the small but important details and creating eye-catching compositions is my desire. After work, I love create dreamy pictures using watercolor and ink or take the next train to discover new places.
  • Aureo Neiva de Sousa Melo
    3D Artist
    My goal as an exterior 3d artist is to always improve my techniques to achieve more and more realism in the images. I'm lucky to be surrounded by people who pursue the same goal. In my free time I like to explore Berlin and other cities around Germany.
  • Balázs Viktor Kovács
    3D Artist
    As a 3D artist, I am responsible for creating realistic renders from the architectural models. In my free time I prefer the outdoor activities. I´m highly passionate about golf and fishing.
  • Bo-Philipp Gebert
    Project Manager
    As a Project Manager, my tendency to keep everything in order comes in handy. This way, my team and me can run projects successfully & fulfill our customers’ needs. Working as an architect before, 3D Visualization has always fascinated me. In my spare time, I’m into photography and gardening. Thanks to my beautiful children, who reliably wake me up on time, I am one of the first starting to work.
  • Borislav "Bobby" Marinov
    Representative Exterior
    I like to solve problems, and point my finger at computer screens. Doing this for almost 16 years, never knew my hobby will turn out to be my proffesion. When I am AFK I like to get deep sometimes and think about Einstein... and Carl Young... and old Kung Fu movies I like to see.
  • Christin Hermans
    Art Director
    Among my responsibilities as Art Director is the creative management of projects and bringing the client's vision into an image. With a background in design and creative direction, I'm also glad to handle our corporate design and sales material. Besides my passion for interior design, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my cockerpoo Tilly, exploring new restaurants in Berlin, and visiting art exhibitions.
  • Francesca Girardi
    3D Artist
    I love architecture and furniture design, so what’s better than being a 3D artist for interiors? I have a background as an architect and my task is to create stunning digital interior images. My interests go from reading to art and travelling...but my real passion, as a true Italian, is food!
  • Giang Chau Nguyenova
    Unreal Artist & Developer
    I am part of the real-time department at EVE. My main focus here is to create tools and applications in Unreal Engine. I am also a computer graphics enthusiast :)
  • Hasan Kum
    Representative Interior Budapest
    As a 3D Artist and Interior Representative, I always try to make the best out of what we have, whether it's an image, a software, a workflow or a cup of coffee. I love coffee. I have a simplistic approach to everything. That's why I exclusively drink black coffee. If I am not doing any of the above, I am probably DJing or out taking photos.
  • Helder Anes De Sousa
    3D Artist
    I have spent my whole life working for the art field. First as a painter, then as a photographer and for the last 3 years I trained myself to become a 3D artist. This is my first job as a 3D artist and I am loving it. Outside the office I enjoy reading, playing chess, cycling and nature walking.
  • Juan Camps
    3D Artist
    At EVE, I am most passionate about imagining unbuilt scenarios and creating images that portray a possible future using a photographic approach. In my free time I enjoy tennis, biking, guitar, photography, and traveling around Europe whenever possible.
  • Julien Poncelet
    ERP Manager
    ERP and communication software is like Playmobile to me, I build castles out of it. Data castles that ensure efficient collaboration and reliable planning amongst my colleagues. Besides of that I love groovy music, heartful cooking, tasting delicacies, and simply being surrounded by nature.
  • Luke Baylis
    3D Artist
    At EVE my responsibilities are split between 3D interior production and social media management. With a background in architecture, I am passionate about Danish design and interior design. In addition to photography, I play the piano, write blogs, body pump classes, enjoy Italian food, avid traveler, and learn German.
  • Madleen Klein
    Art Director
    As an Art Director I am developing and maintaining a creative vision that speaks to the viewer. With a background in photography and interior design I accompany our clients from the concepts to the final images by guiding our artists in the production process. My heart beats for traveling, electronic music and everything related to furniture.
  • Manuel Hartinger
    Head of RealTime and R&D

    I'm the head of the realtime & research department. Before that I worked as a 2D artist at eve. I believe that realtime technology will drastically change our way of working and the content we create. I spend my private time gaming, looking at art, searching for good food and cheking out new and exiting technologies.
  • Marianne Jacquet
    Office and Culture Manager
    I am a creative and communication facilitator at EVE with international PR background in visual art and event management. I am a Twin Peaks absolute fan and on my spare time I build site specific interactive installation that were showcased in Taiwan Technology festivals and Berghain.
  • Marius Westring
    Project Manager
    Former 3D-Artist turned Project Manager, born and raised at EVE. My creative experience from our Budapest office allows me to manage the team with an eye for the aesthetic, and a practical understanding of challenges and their solutions. I love music production, skateboarding, and life in general.
  • Matteo Merli
    Representative Interior
    Italian from Venice, Architect by training, Interior artist, design enthusiast, photography freak, carbonara and tiramisù lover. I specialized in Interactive Media for Interior Design. My credo is a Charles Eeames quote: "the details are not the details. They make the design."
  • Maxi Hollnack
    Representative 2D
    Being part of EVE for more than a decade, I am working in the 2D post production. Apart from editing the images in order to increase the photorealism in our visualisations, I am also taking care of the department on an administrative level to help keeping our workflow efficient and people happy.
  • Melanie Riese
    3D Artist
    Together with my team I strive to create wonderful exterior images as a 3D artist. 
    After several years of experience, I still find the process of creating photorealism from scratch amazing. Apart from my interest in arch-viz I have a variety of hobbies with some of them including 3D as well.
  • Michael Kollmann
    3D Artist
    Hi. I am 3D Artist/Generalist and I 've been with EVE for almost 9 years now. My passion in this industry is within creating 3D assets from a chair, a pendant lamp over a toilet to a field of green salat for high-quality production and game engines. I like to sleep long, ride my bike through the forest and sit on bonfires at least once a month. 
  • Mürüvvet Cin
    3D Artist
    As a 3D artist with years of experience, I produce visuals for interiors here at EVE I love creating living spaces, and the idea of telling stories with these images is very exciting. You can find me at each and every event in our office. If not, I am dancing somewhere at a swing dance party. I also like playing chess and visiting art galleries in my spare time.
  • Péter Asztalos
    3D Artist
    My main task within the company is creating interior visualizations. I started to learn 3Ds max back in 2012, it started as a hobby, but after it became my job. I am a really lucky person as my hobby is my full-time job. I was living in Italy for 10 years, so i love the Italian kitchen and also lifestyle, I am a true alfista :) In my spare time I love to cook, of course Italian style, and i am looking after my 2 hyperactive boys.
  • Primož Turk
    Representative Exterior Budapest
  • Rhea Lebreuilly-Dobos
    Office and Feel Good Manager
    As Office & Feel Good Manager at the Budapest Office I take care of all administrative and office related tasks and organize our events and gatherings. In my free time I enjoy traveling, taking photos and learning languages.
  • Santiago Rimoldi
    2D Artist
    Graphic Designer working in the post production area since 2015. As a 2D artist, I am responsible for giving the final look to exterior renders and making them more realistic. Before coming to Berlin I was living in Cordoba, Argentina. In my spare time I am at the moment trying to learn Blender 3D.
  • Søren Sten Andersen
    Real time 3D artist
  • Ilka Lelkes
    Project Manager
    My goal as a project manager is to create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the project both team and client. I take pride in keeping things running smoothly, even when facing unexpected challenges. Archviz is a new field for me since I come from the film industry but I found myself loving this a lot.
    When I am not dedicated to my work, I go outdoors with my dog, who brightens up my life since 7 years now!
  • Stefan Meßner
    Project Manager
    As a Project Manager, I plan, coordinate and check our products and act as a link between client and creation. Just as my background itself is between design and planning of architecture, interior and exhibition. In my spare time I like to go hiking with my partner or do handicrafts like bringing design icons back to life.
  • Stephanie Homann
    Representative Project Manager
    As a Project Manager I act as the liaison between our creative teams and our clients. Luckily we haven't invented the magic button yet because what I like most is to understand clients perspectives and to enable a collaborative and creative process. I grew up in the Austrian corner between Switzerland and Germany by the lake close to the Alps where you can still find me during my holidays.
  • Theresa Traubel
    Sales & Account Manager
    Educated in Design as well as PR, Media and Communication Science, I am working as a Sales & Account Manager. I will guide you through the first steps of your 3D visualizations, will advise you on our product range and options, prepare quotes and timelines, explain the various steps of our work-flow and make sure that your project is being presented in the best possible light. Besides that, I am interested in photography, politics and culture in general – and I love to travel the world.  
  • Valentina Baruffo
    3D Artist
    I am an Architect with a deep passion for Architectural Visualization and Photography. I love looking at the insights of the architectural project to find the best way to communicate its design and to enhance some of its aspects thanks to the careful use of composition and lighting. I love to create images also during my spare time, to bring to life worlds that are initially just in my imagination. When I'm not at the computer, you can find me outdoor biking or hiking or going for a run with my Border Collie.
  • Chris Vonholm
    As Chief Believer and Eves “face in Norway” I’m focussed on Eve delivering images that capture the essence of the projects we work with and has the correct appeal to the projects target-group. At EVE I’m known for emphasising things that are important to me in CAPITAL letters so I guess I would spell WINE and FOOD in Capitals.
  • Egil Lie
    Sales Representative
    My focus in EVE is to serve the Norwegian real estate transaction market with our offerings, within 3D visualizations, property pickers, presentation, after-sales and more. I have a background as a real estate agent and developer in Norway. My spare time is spent with family and friends, and of course walks by the beautiful beaches at Jæren in Norway.
  • Berta
    My goal as an office pet is to fetch as much as possible and make all these kind people feel stress-free.
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